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It’s all about the Quooker tap

When we think about household items within the kitchen, the traditional kettle is sure to be top of the list. 

When we think about household items within the kitchen, the traditional kettle is sure to be top of the list. A well loved appliance that has been in our homes for years; whether it’s creating the perfect cup of tea to begin the day, warming our beds with a cosy hot water bottle or grabbing a quick snack. The kettle has indeed been a helping hand. Until now!! We more we think about it the more we realise that no matter how much we love the kettle and more so rely on them – They cost us money. We often fill the kettle until it’s full which in turn wastes time, water and electric.
As a family business, we have our children in mind. How many times do we walk from one worktop to another with a boiling kettle in our hands? It also brings a risk into our home that isn’t needed in today’s world.
As kitchen designers and installers, it is vital to us that we showcase and offer only the best and most efficient appliances for you new Rigid Kitchen.

Welcome to THE TAP THAT DOES IT ALL – Quooker is now in our showroom. 

The Quooker Tap

A Quooker tap dispenses 100 Celsius boiling, chilled and sparkling water whenever you need it. You will never have to wait for boiling water again; you receive it instantly and most importantly safely. Making a cup of tea only takes seconds; you can make a number of cups for friends and family without waiting around to boil the kettle again. No more carrying heavy bottles of water from the car, when you have, still and sparkling already in the tap to use.

The top 5 advantages of a Quooker for us

Time Saving: With this tap, you will never have to wait for water to boil. It is available instantly, saving you time within the day to use elsewhere with the children, work or running around. Making cups of tea and coffee can be done with seconds and with 3 seconds apart, you can draw another cup. Saving time is always a good thing!

Energy Efficient: The Quooker tap is the very first boiler in the world with high-vacuum installation, using 50% less energy than a normal boiler.

Water Efficient: We all know how important it is to be economical within the home nowadays. So many households waste both small and large amounts of water. Using the kettle we tend to boil too much water and it isn’t needed. With the Quooker tap it helps you prevent wastage and you also save on plastic bottles!!!

Space Saving: We all need as much worktop as possible. If you have a small kitchen, then this is perfect to save space. The space that you use for your kettle and making tea can be saved and used as functional worktop space instead. Also, because the tank is so compact, it doesn’t take up much room under your kitchen sink. So you still have room for all the cleaning products.

Safe: This is the safest hot tap made! Quooker have installed over 500’000 Quooker taps over the world with a number of safety features. The tap’s entire spout is fully insulated; therefore it never gets hot so you cannot harm yourself on it. When you are using the boiling water, the light glows to visually warn you. The flow of the water is delivered as an aerated spray, not a solid jet, preventing the users from serious scalds or burns. It may be obvious but you cannot pick the tap up, carry it from one surface to another, like a kettle therefore you cannot be knocked.

The Quooker tap in our eyes is a must have in the kitchen. Our showroom showcases the taps and the interactive app. Talk to our team for further information.
Showroom: The Rigid Kitchen Company. Unit 18 Birchbrook Industrial Park, Birchbrook Lane. Shenstone, Lichfield. WS14 0DJ. Tel: 01543 483140


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