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How a splash of colour can transform your kitchen

With so many colours and styles to look at and deciding what will look best within your home can take time and patience.

Choosing and designing your colour scheme can be a difficult job and for some quite overwhelming. So many colours and styles to look at and deciding what will look best within your home can take time and patience.

Will shades of grey still be in style in a few years, or will the maroon you pick today be a dull red in your eyes tomorrow?

Small changes and thinking outside the box with colours, can make a huge difference and give you a kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come. 

This approach works very well with white kitchen cabinets and worktops – avoiding the clinically and clean look with a splash of colour that can be changed easily throughout time.

This is where an injection of colour is so impressive - giving you the opportunity to add your personality and unique style to your room.

The colour can be as permanent or as temporary as you wish, splashback or a statement oven, a change of stools, painted doors or light shades.

Even maybe just a change of colour with the toaster and kettle…doesn’t have to be big items that brings the brightness into the room.


Splashbacks are an easy way of adding colour into your kitchen. Here at The Rigid Kitchen Company, we have a huge range of colours from bright Saffron, to country Willow Green and even a touch of sparkle with our Black Rainbow Sparkle. Loads to choose from.

A bright coloured splashback can lift any kitchen and give it a different mood immediately. Raspberry is pictured. A bright coloured splashback can lift any kitchen and give it a different mood immediately.

A bright coloured splashback can lift any kitchen and give it a different mood immediately. Raspberry is pictured from the 8th image below in the gallery. View more images here

From the first image in our gallery below you can see The aqua splash back adds energy to the white and grey palette in this elegant modern kitchen Turquoise is pictured. Get more ideas here


Colourful chairs and stools are a great option for bringing colour into the kitchen. Whatever your taste is – bold or pastel, the colour is easy to add and change when you fancy a change over time.

By looking at the 10th image from the gallery below you will see that our customer opted for a set of chairs in different shades which looks stunning against the grey cabinets. Don’t be worried about being different and bringing your own personality to your new room. The 9th photograph in the gallery below is the same kitchen, as you can see the change of seating really makes the mood change. You could mix and match to suit the seasons and the time of year. View more stool ideas with us


One of the easiest ways to bring a splash of colour into your kitchen, is to change the wall paint. One lick of paint can transform the room and the feeling that it gives you. You could paint it one colour and change it the following year to follow trends or how you want the room to feel. Maybe have a warm tone for the Winter months and bring in a cooler feel with an aqua for the Spring/Summer.

The 2nd image in the gallery below highlights that our customer added her favourite colour into her home. The kitchen cabinet is a cream which is lifted with a creative purple bringing peace and harmony into the space. It is so easy to change the colour by adding paint. The kitchen remains wonderful and untouched. View more of our work here.

We love this Salmon Pink shade which has been used on the walls within one of our modern family designs as seen from the 7th image in the gallery below. This shade gives us a dramatic look but extremely charming. Remember that the sunlight can change the shade – something to be aware of. Get inspired here with us


Who doesn’t love lighting! It sets the mood in all rooms of the home. Pendant lights are very popular making a statement over the island or breakfast area. There is loads of choice on the market, so could take you some time to find the lighting that you fall in love with.

The 6th image from the gallery below showcases a stunning two-toned kitchen is accompanied with 3 orange pendants. They tie in well with the wooden stools and bring instant warmth into this design. The urban kitchen is certainly quirky and becoming very well loved within the home as seen in the 3rd image in the gallery below. The bright circular pendants make a bold statement highlighting the seating area for everyday use.


Adding a piece of art into the kitchen is throwing your personality into the room. Choose something that you love and you could look at for hours. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, this is your kitchen and your space.

If you don’t fancy a bit of art, then why not add some greenery into your kitchen with a few plants or an herb garden (in pots obviously)

The 4th image from the gallery below shows a letter box window is home to a selection of hanging plants, which looks stunning. It certainly makes the kitchen feel fresh and natural. Doesn’t have to cost the earth at all. The plants can be as colourful as you wish. Real or fake it is your call. View more images here

A piece of art that means something to you and your family is always welcome in the home. You can see from the 5th image from the gallery below that our customer has placed the art next to the dining room table. Sitting down for a lovely meal and admiring the masterpiece that brings back memories or indeed creates new one. Perfect.

Grab as much inspiration as you can for your home here


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